Enter into a New Dimension of
Ghost Hunting!

Whispering Souls Paranormal

Whispering Souls Paranormal Investigations LLC is a team of experienced paranormal investigators.  We will take you on a journey into the other dimension to help you find the answers to the souls wandering amongst us.  To help us along the way, we use the most modernized ghost hunting equipment in the field.

Whispering Souls was formatted by a group of people who not only experienced the paranormal on a personal level but we all have a dying love for ghost hunting.  The experience you will have with a WSPI team member will consist of excitement, hair-raising, jaw-dropping moments and let’s not forget a little spooky from time-to-time but it will make you come back for more!

Meet the Inestigators!

Whispering Souls Paranormal Investigations LLC experienced paranormal investigators. See what makes us SPOOK-TACULAR! Click on the WSPI photo.