Kristin Piper is a Pittsburgh native who loves spending time with her kiddos and boyfriend Eric. Kristin has had the ability to communicate with the deceased since she was a little girl. She’d spend countless evenings visiting graveyards, exploring the stories of those who used to walk this earth. Over time Kristin realized these weren’t just stories that she was imaging but that she knew things she could not explain. Soon her gifts grew and she was able to tune in on her gifts, now identifies as a psychic medium. Speaking to the deceased feels more safe to Kristin than going to social gatherings. She has used her gifts and abilities to bring peace and clarity to so many.

Outside of ghost hunting and talking to the deceased, Kristin works full time as a project manager. She has earned various awards in business. She was featured in a Women’s Publication Magazine and was labeled as a “Woman of distinction”. Friends and family would say Kristin is passionate, caring, and full of spunk. She is genuine, kind, and isn’t afraid to share what’s on her mind.