Castle Blood located in Monessen, PA is known for its theatrical haunted attraction.  This Castle is not only known as a haunted house for monsters, vampires and witches but it’s a historical 100-year-old funeral home which was built in the early 1900’s.

Even though the house was a funeral home throughout most of it’s years, there was a point the home did house wayward women.

Now, this house may look very creepy from the outside but once you step inside, behind closed doors that is when the real chills and creeps begin! As you roam the hallways, the castle walls echo the sounds of the enchanted souls whose physical body was prepped right inside the house’s own embalming room.

People have experienced the sounds of footsteps coming from the hallway on the second floor.  The sense of being watched no matter where you are in the Castle.  EVP’s captured talking about dying, the working women and even the haunted house staff.

The haunted effects and animatronics will all be turned off so venture with us as we seek out the souls still living in the house today.

The Bethel Park Schoolhouse located in Bethel Park, PA was built in 1905 as the Bethel Park High School. In 1917 the schoolhouse became a vocational school and then turned into a grade school in 1934 for the Bethel Park Township. The school eventually closed its doors in 1976 and was used for storage until the Bethel Park Historical Society took it over.

The BP schoolhouse has a museum, within its walls, that honors the Coal Miners from the Coverdale and Mollenauer mines as well as the local veterans. All these artifacts and memorabilia belonged to one of the Coal Miners and/or local veterans.  These items are displayed in the museum for the public to view but what souls are still attached to their personal items, care to find out…..

When arriving to school at the Bethel Park Schoolhouse, you will be welcomed by ghostly children laughing, disembodied voices echoing through the hallways and classroom. You may even encounter a few naughty ghostly children while going from classroom to classroom.

People are known to see a shadow resembling a woman in the meeting room.  Various EVP’s have been caught of students doing mathematical problems.  People also have seen an apparition sitting in the trolley right outside the schoolhouse.

So grab your notebook and a pencil, the haunted class has begun…..

Trundle Manor a vintage house museum, located in Swissvale, PA.  This is no ordinary house, but one that is filled with a collection of oddities.

The macabre art museum was established in 2007 by Anton & Rachel Miriello who go by the names of Mr. Arm and Velda Von Minx.  Their fascination with classic horror films, goth, steampunk and much more led to their intriguing personal collection of these eccentric items.

As you walk up the creepy concrete steps to the victorian manor, you’re greeted by a skull head and a decrepit wheelchair. Now, the thrills and chills don’t stop there, behind the Manor’s front door is a whole new spine-chilling, mysterious and bizarre adventure.  

Step inside as you’re serenaded by Olivia’s Singing Tumor.  This belly dancer will give you a performance like you never had.

Don’t be creeped out! There’s so much more to take in, it will blow your mind! Like the half human brain displayed on the entryway table for all to see.

If you feel a brush along the bottom part of your leg, don’t be alarmed, the spirit of the Manor’s black cat is welcoming you. 

Step into this unconventional world with us to find hidden doors, intriguing artifacts, jarred specimens and an extraordinary collection of cryptozoology.  We promise there will be something to captivate your imagination!

If you dare, join us as we explore one of the most unusual places and search for the souls wondering around the Manor. 

Haunted Hill View Manor was once known as the Lawrence County Home for the Aged.  It was also known as a poor farm that housed the county’s mentally ill and the elderly that didn’t have family.

The Manor is located in New Castle, PA and the facility opened its doors on October 19, 1926.  The first people to take residence at the Manor were a married couple, Perry and Mary Snyder along with their 2 children.  Also, there were 12 staff members and the first 20 inmates from the old City home.  One of the 20 was a young boy.

The Manor continued to operate for many years until the 1960’s when it slowly changed into a skilled nursing center.  By the 1970’s the facility became severely overcrowded forcing the facility to build a new section which is now known as the North Wing.  Unfortunately, due to financial constraints in 2004, Hill View Manor had to close it’s doors, at least for the living…..

Hill View Manor may be closed but the souls still roam the hallways of this facility.  Full bodied apparitions and shadow people are seen lurking around the facility.  People have claimed to be touched and the feeling of being watched as you pass by each room.  Phantom voices and footsteps are heard all around the facility.  Don’t be surprised if you’re being followed or even chased down one of the long, dark, eerie hallways.

Be ready for spine-chilling, heart-palpitating and frightening experiences when visiting the Manor with us, not to mention there’s a few tricksters among the ghostly bunch!

Information Coming Soon…..

Westminster Hall & Burying Grounds was established in 1786, located in Baltimore, MD and was the final resting place of many notable individuals.

The most famous individual resting beyond the gates of this location is Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849).  Along side Edgar Allan Poe is his wife and they are join with other members of the Poe family.

Some other influential and well-known individuals, dating back to the American Revolution and War of 1812, are also interred within the cemetery grounds.

Now, the chills and goosebumps don’t stop at the old, creepy burying grounds.  Venture underneath the church to the subterranean burial chambers know as the Catacombs!  This underground cemetery was created when the church was constructed over part of the original cemetery.  Even though the human remains are locked behind the decaying coffins and/or askew tombstones, souls are still calling out for your attention. So stay close, you never know what could be lurking around the twists and turns of these passageways and disturbed graves.

If you dare, join us as we attempt to contact these spirits and if your lucky maybe one of these spirits will be Maryland’s very own, famous historical figures.

Samuel Miller Mansion located in Columbia, PA has a legendary history dating all the way back to 1804 when the mansion was a private residence of Mr. Samuel Miller.  Later on in history, the mansion became a commercial property for several businesses.  Some of these business consisted of a bank, feed mill, toy factory, and a printing company.  Remnants of each company can still be found in the building to this day but the question still remains, who or what is still attached to these items…..

In addition, the Mansion also played a role in the Underground Railroad.  The original opening to the underground tunnel can still be observed to this day.  Listen closely, you may catch the sounds of a jubilee song echoing through the desolated tunnel.

Currently, the Mansion houses a printing company and a few supernatural beings. When you hear the pitter-patter of footsteps coming your way, don’t run, don’t hide, just grab your light-up toys and sound makers, the children are ready to play.  

As a guest to the Samuel Miller Mansion, the residing souls will oversee your stay by watching you carefully as you venture from room to room.  So, if the hair on your neck is standing up, you can better believe you’re not alone in the room.

Knock on the door, ring the bell and come inside to explore the complex history of this grand home on the Susquehanna and encounter some ghostly souls along the way.

Rolling Hills Asylum, located in East Bethany, NY, was established in 1826 as was originally known as the Genessee County Poor Farm.  The poor farm was an institution to provide housing to orphans, widowed women and their children, mentally ill, the disabled and minor criminals.  This was an actual farm with the residents having the chores of tending the land and animals.

On the grounds, is a hidden cemetery.  The county would bury those who had no family right on this location’s land.

In 1827, Genessee County Poor Farm opened its doors.  Also, a notice was given to the Poor Farm that the Overseers of the Poor in several Genesee County towns will remove the paupers with their belongings (clothing, beds, bedding & other articles) from the County Poorhouse and will be sent to live at the Poor Farm.  These consisted of lunatics, habitual drunkards, blind, sick, diseased, old, weak, disabled, lame and people with no means of income.

The Asylum witnessed over 1,700 documented deaths taking place on the property with hundreds more unrecorded.  With so much despair taking place, it’s no wonder these spirits are constantly seeking attention and crying out behind the closed doors of Rolling Hills Asylum.

One of these spirit you may have the privilege of meeting is Roy.  Roy is a gentle soul who suffered from extreme gigantism, a physical deformity.  His height was well over 7-feet.  If you want to get Roy’s attention, bring a book and read him a story.  He loves to read, just visit his room to take a glimpse of his bookshelf, filled with books, stretching from one side of the room to the next.  Guests of the Asylum see his enormous shadow lurking throughout the building.    

Some other souls roaming the Asylum are children running through the dark, frigid tunnels.  Venture into the morgue to lay on the embalming table, see if your breath is taken away.  Next, call out for Nurse Emmie or visit “Shadow Hallway”.  Doors opening by themselves to invite you in. 

This is just a small portion of the paranormal experiences you will have with us. Are you ready to be committed to the Asylum….. 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! founded by Robert Ripley, is an American franchise.  Step off the Ocean City Boardwalk and walk into the doors of the bizarre, unusual and strange items displayed in the various rooms of this location.

Now, this place wasn’t alway absurd, originally the collections included cartoon panels, photographs and artifacts involving sports feats and was called Champs and Chumps.  It wasn’t until the late 1919, Ripley began adding items unrelated to sports and changed the name to Believe It or Not.

In 1933, Ripley first displayed his unusual collection to the public at the Chicago World’s Fair and it was labeled Ripley’s Odditorium.  The success of the exhibits let to trailer shows across the country and many major fairs as well as expositions.

After Ripley’s passing in 1949, the first permanent Odditorium opened in St. Augustine, FL.  Presently, there are 28 Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditoriums around the world.  If your curiosity isn’t pulled into the Museum by the collection of oddities like the voodoo kits, torture devices, shrunken heads then what about the spirits attached to these items or lurking in the shadows.

Guests have seen shadow people coming out of one room to go into another.  The sense of being watched no matter where you are in the building, makes you feel on edge.  EVP’s captured telling you to leave or get out.  Footsteps heard coming towards you.

Believe It or Not…..

Jefferson Hills Library located in Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania and was formed in 1959 to promote the enjoyment of reading and learning.  The Library enhances the quality of life for all community members and sponsors programs for all age groups.

This Library has some stories to tell.  So, don’t let the newly erected Municipal Center which houses the Library fool you, behind those gruesome, double doors lies the mysterious scent of imagination coming from the aged books laying on the antiquated shelving.

Now, if the silence doesn’t send a chill down your back then the rumored stories of creepy phantasms lurking in the hidden alcoves will definitely get the hair on the back of your neck standing on edge.

Join us, as we put all your fears to rest as we educate you on the souls from the other dimension.

We will bring to you our own personal experiences of the unknown and tactics to handle what you can’t see.  Get up and personal with the most modernized ghost hunting equipment.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and into the paranormal world…

Grand Midway Hotel & Renaissance Church located in Windber, PA is known for the world’s largest Ouija board. The Hotel is no longer in full operation but still houses a few invite-only ghostly guests.  

Grand Midway Hotel dates way back to the late 1880’s.  This establishment was one of Windber’s earliest businesses which consisted of a central station for the arrival of the coal mining immigrants.  In later years, the hotel served at a brothel. 

This haunted hotel is famous for the ghost of Martha who had a tragic death on the 4th of July. Legend states she was watching the fireworks with her family when suddenly a firework rocket struck her and killed her instantly on the spot.

Martha is not the only ghost to roam the halls of the 32 room hotel. Dark mists are seen wondering from room to room. Strange noises are heard throughout the hotel. Constant feelings of being watched from all corners of the hotel.  So, pick a room and stay the night!  

The hauntings don’t stop at the hotel, a few blocks from the hotel is the renaissance church which has its own share of ghostly encounters. The church doors open and the sound of footsteps are heard all round you. Next, venture down to the church’s dark, sinister basement to encounter the souls living in the hidden corner room as they secretly watch you.

Bethel Park Library is a place to explore many different adventures with the collection of books that perch upright on the floor-to-ceiling wooden shelving.  The library is bewitching, not only with the towering shelves, but the dim lighting and the musty scent of aged books makes this location seem like a magical place where the living appear to be under some sort of spell.

Now, our venture may not take us to the haunted souls that could be lurking behind your favorite book but our haunted teachings will leave you on the edge of your seat. 

When entering into the imposing Bethel Park Library, don’t let the solemn silence and the occasional whispers full you, there will be lots of twists and turns as you get lost in the enchanted stories flowing from the captivating books. 

Bethel Park Library’s stored energy phenomenon fuels the imagination.  So, take a seat, gather your thoughts and take in the energy as we call on the souls to manifest back to the living for their final words.

Are you ready for some scary, spooky stories and evidence of some spectral phantoms? Has curiosity got you wondering how to interact with something you can’t see…

Join us, as we bring awareness and education about the spirit world through our personal experiences, scientific methods and equipment.  We will discuss some techniques to help you find the answers to the souls wandering amongst us as you take your own personal journey into the other dimension.

Get ready for some chilling and hair-raising moments because this haunted class is in session!  

Castle Shannon Library located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was started by a group of Castle Shannon women in 1949 recognizing the community’s need for a public library .  

In 1958, the Castle Shannon Borough bought the historic railroad building and set aside 714 square fee of space for the library.  This extra needed space helped for the Library’s expansion.

Hazel Bost, a founding member of the Women’s Club and Friends of the Library was a major force with the Library.  She served as the library’s first president of the Board of Trustees which she established.  When visiting the library pay tribute to Ms. Bost memorial garden and compass dedicated on the right-hand side of the building.

Today, the Friends of the Library are still very committed to raising money for the collection and services of this beloved Library.

We are honored to be able to provide our ghostly services to the Castle Shannon Library, not only to bring recognition but our support as well!

Are you ready to sit down with us for some chilling and spooky moments about the souls who roam amongst us!

Join us, as we bring our “Haunted Teachings” to the Castle Shannon Library.  We will discuss some techniques to help you understand what or who lurks in our dimension. You will hear and see evidence we had from actual ghost encounters.

If we’re lucky, maybe Ms. Bost will join us too!

Yellow Dog Village located in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania was a former mining company town dating back to the early 1900’s and was built by the Pittsburgh Limestone Company to house it’s workers.

The village got its name, “Yellow Dog Village” because of an insult the workers embraced from the union miners.  This insult derived from the workers being labeled by the pro-union miners as “yellow dogs” due to the promise not to unionize or strike.

In the 1950’s, the mines closed, workers found other work in the area but continued to reside at Yellow Dog Village but the village was renamed Shadyside Village.

Early 2000’s, residents of the village started getting sick forcing them to leave their homes and belongings.  The village’s water supply was determine to be contaminated with E. Coli bacteria.  The village sat abandoned for years leading to vandalism and environmental damage to take place on the area.

Since the village’s abandonment, it’s had 2 owners with different visions for the Yellow Dog Village.  The current owner, would like to preserve and return some of the homes back to the early 1900’s appearance to use as vacation rentals.

Are you ready to step into this “Ghost Town” consisting of 26 buildings and a park where people lived and played for nearly 100 years ago.  Don’t be shocked if you happen to run into one of these souls still living at the village.

Watch your step as you venture into one of the duplexes because you never know what or who you may see inside!

Be ready for some frightening experiences when the sun goes down and the moon comes and you find yourself walking the crumbling streets of Yellow Dog Village!

South Park Library located in South Park Township, Pennsylvania and found its residence in 1960 in a room at the end of Wilson Hall.  The Library dates back around the 1833 because of the presence of a private library collection in the home of John Moore.  He started a fund to purchase books and soon after other members from the community added to the collection until the number of books grew to about 2,000.  A “Library Society” formed and the last librarian in the era was Samuel Wilson, a blacksmith who stored the collection of books in his stable.

If the books in this Library could talk….the history they would tell.  Like how they lived in the infamous haunted Broughton School in February 1969.

Unfortunately, the books had to make their way to their new home the following year so all the haunted encounters were left behind.

Join us, as we bring back the stories from these souls that live amongst and step into their dimension.

Have you ever wondered how to talk to a ghost?  Let us bring awareness and education to you about the spirit world.

Get ready for some chilling and hair-raising moments as we talk ghosts!

Admiral Fell Inn is a stunning hotel, situated in Baltimore’s historic Fells Point. The Inn began as The Anchorage, a Christian boarding house and recreation center for the many sailors and working men located at the ports. This was a safe haven to sleep due to the rough nature of the district that was full of sailors, saloons, and brothels.

In 1929, the YMCA took over the building and renamed it the Seaman’s YMCA which operated until in closed in 1955.  Prior to becoming a hotel, the building’s final occupants were the Vinegar Works bottling factory which closed in the 1970’s.  It was not until 1985, the central building reopened as The Admiral Fell Inn.

Marvel in the many twists and turns that connect multiple historic structures to form the Admiral Fell Inn. Extend your curiosity further and stay overnight with us in one of the many haunted rooms.

The most haunted and death-defying area, Room 413! This will make you cringe!  It’s 1999 and Room 413 was a scene of a ghastly murder.  Christopher Jones checked into the hotel but never checked out.  Gary Mick, a homophobe, stalked Jones and killed him in his room by bashing Jones’ head with a hammer claw.  The hotel’s housekeepers get very strange feelings while cleaning this room.  People feel sudden cold spots, shadows darting around the room and even being touched.  Are you ready to turn off the lights, brave the night and stay in the very room Christopher Jones’ brutal murder took place…..

Guests have seen Sailors around the inn and have heard knocks on the door but to find out no one is there.  Guests have seen apparitions wandering the halls, hearing loud footsteps and parties taking place. Sightings of a madam saying, “lie back” and then walking through a wall.  

For all the animal lovers,  keep an eye out for Ghost Dog.  It’s time to play fetch, this pooch is ready to play and is spotted in the hallways.  Don’t worry, this dog doesn’t bite.

Stay with us at the Admiral Fell Inn, we will provide you with courtesy wake up calls at strange times, obtrusive, ambiance sounds for less sleep and the enjoyment of various ghostly tricksters.

Lord Baltimore Hotel owned by Harry Busick made its debut in 1928.  It was an extraordinary ceremony that was broadcasted live from various radio stations and many guests in attendance to be amazed by the hotel’s brilliant decor and cutting-edge amenities.  Unfortunately, Busick died shortly after and never got to know how immensely popular Lord Baltimore Hotel became.

The hotel had hosted many notable individuals including Babe Ruth and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

The Busick brothers sold the hotel during the 1960’s when the business started to decline.  Federated Hotels Inc. acquired the location and tried to do a massive renovation but the plan was impractical, ultimately closing the Hotel’s doors.  Several attempts and ownerships to restore the business were made but failed.  It was not until 2013 when the Hotel’s true rebirth occurred by the Rubell family.

The Rubell family relaunched the facility as an independent operation, investing millions for its upkeep and to ensure future generations would appreciate its brilliant history.

The building is 22 stories high and features a tower with a sky parlor copper roof.

The Lord Baltimore Hotel is one of the top 10 haunted place in Baltimore, MD and in the entire United States.  The hotel has a long, tragic history of deaths.

The hotel has 20 documented suicide cases of people jumping from the rooftop after the stock market crashed during the Great Depression.  

The most heartbreaking story is the ghost of a 7-year little girl named, Molly.  Molly and her parents stayed on the 19th floor of the hotel right after the market crashed and like the others, their depression got the best of them and they too jumped from the rooftop to the ground.  Some reports say they took their daughter, Molly with them but most claims state it was a murder-suicide.  Many guests have claimed to see the little girl wearing a cream-colored dress, black shoes playing with a red ball around the hotel but particularly on the 19th floor.  She loves to chase the hotel staff members as well as guests. Cries of a young girl are heard throughout the hotel, is this Molly lost and looking for her parents?

The elevators at the hotel will randomly take rides to the 19th floor without being called, doors open but no one is there or at least to be seen.  Guests say they have been touched by cold hands while riding the elevators.

A couple has been spotted dancing in the ballroom, could this be Molly’s parents? Reports about a woman appearing at the foot of the bed while you’re sleeping.  Also, the front desk receives calls from guests complaining that their TV turns on/off on its own.  There’s even some mischievous ghosts that hide the TV remote control from guests.

So, come with us, check-into Lord Baltimore Hotel, we’ll make sure your stay is luxurious, eventful and lack a good night’s sleep!

Burlington County Prison Museum is located in Mount Holly, NJ and is a three-story masonry structure, historic prison designed by Robert Mills, one of America’s first native-born and trained architects.

This stone prison is in a U-shape with two wings.  The main entrance features a heavy wooden door with strap hinges and a peephole.  Some cells in the prison were larger than other cells.  The larger cells housed multiple prisoners that were considered less dangerous.  The extremely dangerous prisoners were locked up on the top floor where surviving wall-mounted shackles displayed.

The Prison operated from 1811 through 1965 and was the oldest operating prison in the United States.  When it closed its doors in 1965, it was converted into a museum shortly afterwards. The museum houses artifacts from the original prison while telling the story of the many inmates who lived within its walls.

New Jersey’s earlier laws required prisoners convicted of capital crimes to be executed.  In 1830, prior to the laws of executions, there were two public hangings which took place in the prison yard.  One of these hangings was a young man by the name of Joel Clough and the other hanging was a woman.

There were other violent deaths, besides the executions, that took place at the prison.  A guard was killed while preforming his duties.  Several prisoners trying to escape were murdered.

The Burlington County Prison is reported to be haunted by a tall man in uniform who roams the basement.  Make your way to the third floor, the outbreak of paranormal activity will overwhelm you.  The sounds of jail cell doors opening, shackles clinging off the brick finished passageways and the smell of cigarette smoke.

Are you courageous enough to endeavor the dreary dungeon by yourself and deal with what or whom may be hiding in the darkness….. 

Join us as we lock you up in prison with the most dangerous prison souls in New Jersey!

Old Economy Village is a historic settlement founded in 1824 that is located in Ambridge, PA. and lies on the banks of the Ohio River. 

 The Harmony Society, which consisted of Separatist George Rapp, 800 farmers and craftsmen, founded and purchased the 3,000 acres of land.  George Rapp emigrated to America from Germany seeking religious and economic freedom so this location was ideal for his farming and shipping Society products to markets on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

After 20 years in the US, George and his adopted son Frederick developed a simple, pietistic lifestyle based upon the early Christian Church.  Frederick was recognized as the driving force behind the Harmony Society’s business ventures once his step-farther passed.

Despite the Society’s economic success, time and events brought its decline.  Upon Frederick’s death,  Romelius Baker, Jonathan Lenz and Jacob Henrici became the trustees of the Society.  Lenz wrote if the Messiah doesn’t return before the last member dies then the Society’s assets are to go to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Needless to say, in 1916 the 6 acres of Economy and buildings became the property of Pennsylvania and in 1919 became Old Economy Village, a state historic site.

Old Economy Village has a darker side of history. Concealed stairs lead to hidden vaults under the Old Economy Village where no one dares to venture.  The sounds of footsteps are heard when no one else is around.  People report seeing a ghostly vision of a Harmonist man strolling the gardens of the historical site.  Enter into the paranormal curiosity with us as we seek out the energy of these old souls.

The USS Constellation, docked in Baltimore, MD’s Inner Harbor, is a large warship that was commissioned in 1855.  The 22-gun sloop was active for 100 years and served in several military conflicts.  

The vessel also played a central role in ending the foreign slave trade by capturing slave ships off the coast of Africa.  Total, the crew captured three slave ships and freed 705 Africans, including 199 women and children.  The USS Constellation ended its tour off the coast of Africa to assist the Union in the Civil War.  While not steam-powered, the USS Constellation still proved essential to the Union War efforts. 

In addition to protecting American interests abroad, the ship assisted in the capture of the Confederate steam cruiser the CSS Sumter.  The USS Constellation was eventually decommissioned in 1955 after 100 years of service.  This vessel is the only surviving ship from the Civil War Era.  

Gruesome deaths are said to have taken place on the USS Constellation.  Neil Harvey, a crew-member who left his station and gun during battle, was seen as a traitor.  Lieutenant Starrett punished him by sticking him with his sword.  Harvey then was executed by being tired to the front of a cannon and blown to bits.  The madness of the sea doesn’t stop there, 2 sailors were said to have stabbed a 11-year old boy, surgeon’s assistant, to death for no reason.  The sailing hallucinations were so bad for one of the Sailors on the vessel that he hung himself.

Sightings of the Phantom Crew still wonder around the vessel and are seen in the windows peering out.  Smell of gunpowder takes over in certain parts of the ship. People say they see an officer in an old navy uniform on forecastle deck.  Is this Captain Thomas Truxtun, the 1st commander of the USS Constellation, manning his ship.  Hitting of pots and pans are heard throughout the night.

The USS Constellation welcomes you aboard to explore its decks and see for yourself why the ship is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the US.  

Ocean City Life-Saving Museum was constructed in 1891, originally named the Ocean City Life-Saving Station, the Life-Saving Service.  The U. S. Coast Guard actively used the building, which was part of the coastal system, until 1964 for saving vessels in distress and lives threaten by the water.  

Let’s take a step back into history, it’s 1977, the Life-Saving Station is in a state of disrepair due to the Coast Guard moving to a larger facility.  Concern broke out in the midst of the citizens for the fear of demolition to the station.  They rallied their support behind the structure and was able to successfully organize its relocation to the end of the boardwalk where it sits today overlooking the inlet area of Ocean City.

Ahoy Mateys!  Death is amongst us.  Shipwrecks, drowning and hypothermia have taken the lives of Sailors, friends and families.  Difficult rescues were fought but in the end human-nature won.  The lives may be gone but these souls are not forgotten. Please, join us as we reconnect with the souls lost at sea.

Reports of numerous sightings of paranormal phenomena including full bodied apparitions and phantom footprints take place in the Life-Saving Museum.  Tip-toe up to the second floor were you may hear or see the little boy playing with some toys.  Don’t be alarmed, the heckle laughter is just the Stations antique arcade prop, “Laughing Sal” which is known to laugh all by itself!

EVP’s have been caught hearing a person scream out for “Help”.  Is this a soul still waiting to be rescued…..